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Are you looking for a meaning in your life, a deeper purpose? Or are you dissatisfied with your career? The year of the sheep may just be the year where you find all the answers you are looking for. This woolly animal isn’t interested in prestige or power. Wealth sure is nice, but it isn’t the priority of this critter either. This symbol is all about making a difference in this world and it all starts from listening to one’s heart.

If you can’t quite lend an ear to what your heart is saying, don’t stress about it as it’s the year of the Wood as well. Wood is a symbol of spring, it’s all about the first steps you take and a great way to get started is by identifying your deepest desires. What inspires or stirs you? The Year of the Sheep is all about self-reflection and awareness. And only when you accomplish knowing yourself, can you bring more meaning into your life.

A bit of advice; remain vigilant of the naysayer though. Once you’ve understood who you are and what you want to achieve, ignore that voice in your head that keeps saying that you cannot do it. Follow your heart. While taking this leap of faith will be good for you, a calculated leap of faith is going to be even better. So create a plan, put your finances in order; the wining combo this year is preparation and courage.

Need help brainstorming? This year has a few career recommendations. They are all about the arts of healing; the main ones are being a Counselor, Massage therapist, Nutritionist, and Acupuncturist. Just remember that you are unique, and have something to offer to the world. Don’t wait any longer to find your calling; take full advantage of the Year of the Sheep!

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