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Psychic Jaqliene

Specializing in: All About Love Life
Languages: English

***FROM THE US*** I am a born gifted advisor ready to share my abilities telling your past present and future through my gift of clairvoyant And psychic abilities.

About My Services

My readings are done with my clairvoyant give picking up energies and vibrations through your voice and energy is that you are giving off With understanding and comfort we will talk through your past present and future finding out your true life’s path finding out your destiny if you are on the right path if you are moving in the right directions with any questions that you may have I am here to answer guide and provide guidance.


I’ve been university tested in UCLA Los Angeles California 98% accurate in my psychic abilities and predictions

Other gifts

I’ve been giving psychic readings in person and over the phone for the past 24 years I have helped many seek restoration of lost relationships finding out what he or she is thinking through love help connecting soulmates and twin flames also help in guidance of work business and family and personal issues

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