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Specializing in: Gifted Experts and Advisors
Languages: English

*****FROM CANADA******
I am a Canadian born Psychic, Medium and Healer. Clear messages of only the highest good from my amazing gifts are sure to be a catalyst in your life.

About My Services

During a session with me, I will tap into your spirit guides and helpers who are around you to receive your personal answers. You will feel lighter, and more at peace as a higher clearing of your energy opens you up to the messages you seek.


A born Empath and Psychic, I have been practicing professionally for over 15 years in both private and public venues, including local television appearances and radio appearances. Also qualified and practiced in various healing modalities, I continue to heal and provide psychic readings professionally to clients near and far.

Other gifts

Manual Osteopathy, Reiki Usui/Violet Flame Master, Pranic Energy Healer, Akashic Records Reader, White Witch.

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