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I use Tarot cards, Millennium Method© cards, astrology, feng shui, ThetaHealing®... & I can be relied upon for dream interpretation & remote space clearing if need be. Also just finished Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment™ last May 2018!

(My profile picture is from Miho Hirano of Chiba, Japan. I do not intend to infringe any copyrights. I just appreciate her art.)

I have been giving intuitive life advice since I was 14. I can do remote readings with grace & ease. I even have found myself teaching how to do what I do, even while I was fumbling through things in 2002! I have witnessed many mindblowing outcomes for my clients. Granted, it still takes your free will to allow things to happen, & all I can do is just guide you wherever you want to go & whatever you want to experience.

AB Public Relations; ThetaHealing Advanced Instructor certification, ThetaHealing Medical Intuitive certification, Certified Millennium Method Master Practitioner, Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner certification.