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5* Psychic Medium Pamela

Specializing in: Psychic Readings
Languages: English

Recognized by CBS as a top 5 psychics in Houston Texas. 46 yrs exp. in the psychic medium paranormal realm. Guiding people to their own inner truth, happiness & love. Reconnecting Loved ones to those who have crossed Over.

About My Services

is Cherokee, Navaho, Irish, & German, & was born as a indigo child, & had 2 near death experiences between 18 months & 2 years of age. In tune with her psychic abilities since she was a toddler , studying since she was 6 yrs old with her mother's training.
She has worked along side of Richard Smith, for the last 6 years ( The top E.V.P. expert in the United States ) on paranormal investigations. she reads regular playing cards, candle wax, candle flame, rice, peoples auras, personal objects, & photos. She has empathic, clairvoyant & medium capabilities, Which means she's clairvoyant, clairaudient, & clairescient . All levels of angels have also been known to communicate with her. Through out the years she has developed a method of reading peoples energy.
October 2012, She blew every ones minds in her interview with CBS 610 am Sports Talk Radio. As a result of that interview in October 2013 CBS Sports Talk radio named her as one of the top 5 psychics in the Houston, Texas area, since all her predictions came to pass.. December 29th 2013 Pamela, was requested to be the psychic by KRIV Fox News to give psychic predictions for 2014 for their new years broadcast.


CBS Sports Talk Radio has named Pamela, as a top 5 Psychic in Houston Texas. Pamela Rivette, is internationally known via the internet as a 5 star psychic medium paranormal investigator, & master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, & life coach. Pamela, has 46 yrs exp. in the psychic paranormal realm & has up to a 98.9 % accuracy rate in timing & other details. She is also the creator & Host of The web based talk show "Para Chat"
Pamela's Abilities Include:

Angel Communication is the psychic ability to hear messages from the angels.

Aura is a psychic reading with the colors which surrounds every living thing

Dream Interpretation Interprets the things you see within your dreams

Energy is reading the psychic energy that emits from everything animate & inanimate

Clairvoyance a psychic receives information from extra-sensory perception.

Clairaudience a psychic is hearing outside the normal range (ultra frequency) sound.

Clairessence a psychic is intuitively smelling that which is not present.

Cartomancy is psychic divination by using ordinary playing cards.

Ceromancy is psychic divination by wax dropped into water, uses traditional red candle.

Channeling a psychic moves themselves out of the way and allows others, such as the angels, to speak or act through them

Empathy is the psychic ability to not only detect what others feel but also to experience that emotion yourself.

Lampadomancy a psychic form of divination from looking into: the light of a lamp, or flame of a candle.

Mediumship is divining through (various forms of) communication with the dead.

Numerology uses NAMES, birth date & time, reduced to equivalent numbers.

Remote Viewing the psychic ability to "detach" a part of his "consciousness" and have it "travel" to a location

Spiritual Cleansing is an ancient practice, recommended in the Bible and found in all parts of the world.

Tarot uses different layouts of various playing cards; specifically designed for psychic divination.

Telepathy is transference of thought from one person to another without using the usual sensory channels

Other gifts

About: Pamela Rivette
Ordained Minister as of 2014
5* Psychic Medium Paranormal Investigator
44 years experience as a psychic medium
8 years experience as a paranormal investigator
Spiritual Teacher / Guru 18 years experience
Indigo Child
Cherokee, Navajo, Irish & German Heritage
Pisces born 3-14-1966

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