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Positive Destiny

Specializing in: Psychic Readings
Languages: English

I am a Professional Intuitive Tarot Counselor since year 2000.I help in making the best decision.Change of mind & heart,find love within their hearts and be one with the positive universal force,"Positive Destiny" ahead.

About My Services

* Intuitive Tarot Counseling * Distant Reiki Healing * Distant Emotional Freedom Technique * Distant Body Talk Session * Distant Sessions for Business Enhancement And House Clearing * Distant Ancestral Healing


* Inner Mind Institute Graduate since 1998 * Gaia Group 2001 * Psychic Fair Participant since 2000 *Reiki Master (2000) * Organizer/PArticipant of Reiki Healing Rally and Missions

Other gifts

* Reiki Master & Teacher(1998-200)

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