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Advisor Luqman

Specializing in: Gifted Experts and Advisors
Languages: English

I am a psychic with strong abilities and God gifted powers. I will tell you what I see with my powers. I am not a sugar coated psychic. I can change bad energy to good and can bring positivity in your life.

About My Services

LIFE presented you with yet another crossroads. And I am here to offer you understanding and insight into thoughts and feelings of those around you and those affecting your life. My special gift of clairvoyance and clairaudience will work to put your life back in balance. For years, I have been helping others with dream interpretation, meditations, love and work-related insight, spirit balancing, and energy visualization bringing heightened awareness and focus to those around me. The Universe wants you to have abundant success and true happiness and provides direction to those who seek. The signs are there…i provide readings for all matters such as .Love .Money .Career .Health I can help you with any question you may have.and I will give you a direct, honest answer. i am a thrid genearation spiritualist.How my ability works when i give a reading is i travel thru your energy to see and feel what is going on around you. I use this information to help enlighten with insight and understanding,providing guidance and tools to make the best choices possible for your greater good for happiness, love, success and inner well being.i will ask you for your first name and dob mm/dd/yyyy. in complicated situations i use a guide give form of numerology to jump start the energy into you and those you wish to inquire about. don’t know dob aren’t comfortable giving it ? no worries. then all i would askis approximate age. my gudies will work out the rest . although with chat dob is required unless you do not know it


I am a gifted psychic with over 10 years experience who has helped, guided, and directed thousands of people around the world. I also have my psychic shop and I am working on my psychic shop from years .

Other gifts

I have diploma in psychology and i am also an expert in tarot , palm and picture readings.

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